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Thomas E. Gonzalez

Bilingual Psychotherapist LCSW-R

As a psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience, I have provided clinical services such as the diagnosis of mental, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and addictive disorders to individuals, couples, and families. I possess the national clinical licenses and credentials, as well as an exceptional education with a focus in psychotherapy, including:

  • Adelphi University - Bachelor of Science & Bilingual Extension Certification
  • Yeshiva University - Master's Degree & SIFI Certification
  • The College of St. Rose - Degree in Administration 
  • Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist
  • Bilingual Certified Administrator (SBL)
  • Education Administrator
  • R - Psychotherapy Privilege 

As a bilingual psychotherapist, I am professionally licensed to provide a wide variety of services, ranging from psychotherapy to the administration of health and welfare programs to ensure the clients overall well being. Based on individual needs, clients receive short and long-term treatment to help them achieve personal goals, and overcome mental, behavioral, and social-emotional difficulties, including but not limited to: 

  • Mental illnesses and emotional disturbances 
  • Marital and family difficulties 
  • Adjustment problems related to acute and chronic illnesses. 
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Behavioral and learning disorders of children and adolescents. 

As a N.Y.S Certified Bilingual Psychotherapist, I assist clients with problems in both Spanish and English, while helping them to identify and use their own strengths to deal and cope with situations. I also encourage clients to negotiate situations in their current environment that can contribute to stress, while empowering them throughout the therapeutic process. I assess and evaluate clients, develop a treatment plan in conjunction with the client, identify available resources and services, and provide direct services such as counseling, psychotherapy, and case management to evaluate their progress. 

"Service, accessibility, and professionalism are the key elements of our success"